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Possible Icy Coating

With the possible wintry mix storm that possibly coming soon, you may be wondering how this will affect your trees and plants. The icy coating can actually be helpful in protecting them though! When everything is coated in ice, it effectively insulates the plants and trees, because the sun can still shine through but the wind is not getting to the plants.

What Salt Does to Your Landscaping?

Salt can affect your landscaping in several ways. The first is how your yard will be affected. Salt will become a liquid as snow melts, and all of that liquid is absorbed into the ground. When the salt is liquefied, it separates into sodium and chloride, and your grass and plants will absorb this and leave less room for them to absorb the nutrients they need. This will interrupt the photosynthesis process, which will lead to leaf burn, when they turn brown, and will kill grass and some parts of plants.

Ground Cover

Ground cover is plants that fill in an area of your landscaping.  These can be good in certain areas where you would like low maintenance after the plants are established.  There are a variety of ground covers that can be planted in areas ranging from mostly shaded to mostly sunny.  Sweet Woodruff, Hellebore, Ivy, Lily of the Valley, Pachysandra, European Ginger, Ajuga, Vinca, Sedum, and Isotoma are some different groundcovers that can be used in the Midwest area.  Ground cover is useful for shaded areas under trees where you don’t want to have to do a lot of maintenance, or areas with a slight slope that would be difficult to mow, or to fill in beds around large shrubs.