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Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming fast, and it’s time to do spring clean up! Any perennials you have can be cut down so the new growth can push through, and you can also cut off any ornamental grasses. Try not to prune any plants or bushes that bloom in the spring, such as lilacs, because you will cut off new growth and they will not bloom. This is the time to cut down spireas, right before the blooms emerge. Also, trees can be trimmed and the suckers at the base of the tree can be cut off at any time of the year, but be aware that the sap is currently flowing in trees, so if you prune them now it will be sticky! Call us today if you’d like us to do the work for you, 630-475-7229!

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs makes recipes taste even better and are great to have around for soups, stews, and salads. When picking a place to grow your herbs, keep in mind that they need a good 4 to 6 hours of sun daily.

Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Patio

Are you thinking about a paver patio?
Here are some tips to help you decide!

Low Cost