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More Tips to Make Your Winter Landscaping Pop


Have Hardscape Elements

In the winter you need to rely on your hardscape, so anything non-living, such as patios, brick work, walls, fountains, arches, etc. Wooden archways especially can be used for vines in the summer and still make your landscaping stand out in winter.

Use Year Round Perennials

Even though most plants do not have flowers in the winter, you can still use plants that keep some foliage on them so they give your landscaping some color. Plants like hellebores and dianthus, and some ornamental grasses will give you this effect.

Decorate Containers

The containers and pots you have around your house can be spruced up for winter! You can add some pine branches or small fake evergreens to make them look nice, or use some colorful ribbon to give them a pop of color. Same with the wooden vine arches mentioned previously and even fountains, you can adorn them with winter decorations such as ribbon, or for fountains that do not run in the winter you could add some large decorative ornaments in the bowls of the fountain.

New Year New Yard

It is never too early to start planning new things for your yard and landscaping. The first thing to do is to look around and decide on what you want to change.

Do you want to add a new bed? Then you need to start deciding on size and shape, and what you would like to plant in that bed.

Do you want to maybe simplify some of your landscaping? Sometimes upkeep can take quite a bit of time, and some of your beds can be simplified with groundcover or bushes, or you can take some beds out a seed them.

Do you want to add some hardscaping, like a patio? This has similar first steps to planning a new bed, you first need to decide on size and shape. Then you’ll want to look at materials and what will complement your current landscaping and house color.

Do you need to add a tree line? Maybe you’ve noticed the wind really hits your house from one side and you need a windbreaker for that. Or maybe you want to add some privacy to your yard.

No matter what you want to do with your yard, you can start planning now, and we can help.

Gardening for Health and Happiness


In today’s world this is important for everyone, but especially for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the University of California Medical School came to the same conclusion after finding that kids that were eating mainstream foods were exceeding cancer benchmark levels for several known carcinogens.

Wondering how to get kids to eat more fresh, organic produce? The easiest way is to get them gardening too! The process of gardening slowly introduces kids to new foods which increases their interest in trying them.

The wellness benefits of gardening include an improved diet and months of physical tasks. Garden work requires solid core strength and the use of different muscle groups.

Not only does gardening improve your physical health but it also improves your mental health. Gardening gets you outside among trees, bushes, birds, and more. It may offer the same benefits of Japan’s “forest bathing”, which is time spent relaxing.