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What Is and What Is Not Compostable

Food and lawn waste makes up 25% of all waste in landfills. These natural materials are biodegradable, but they do not break down in landfills properly because they are so densely packed with other waste, and the biodegradable waste needs oxygen to properly break down.

Edible Flowers

Would you like to eat your landscaping?

There are a variety of plants that are edible. They are not regular ingredients in salads, but you can snack on them when you are outside! They are also colorful additions to your garden, which include:

The Best Fruits and Vegetables for the Fall

From September to November the autumn harvest brings a variety of healthy and delicious produce, from squash and sweet potatoes to apples and pears. While almost all produce can be purchased year round, transporting produce across the country isn’t easy. Buying local seasonal produce not only reduces our carbon footprint, it also helps local economies and results in more nutritious produce. Check out some top autumnal produce picks that are both delicious and super healthy. Don’t be afraid to try something new!