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Unilock Paver Walkway - Plano, IL

This Unilock paver project was recently installed and overseen by one of our landscape designers, Pete Thomas. The client wanted to replace their concrete sidewalk with Unilock Holland Premier pavers, Olde Quarry, and Brussels Fullnose. After measurements were taken and important details were discussed, Pete created a 3D design using Unilock's U-Vision software program. The unique design included a double sailor course which was two different colors as well as an accent area for the client's nameplate made out of natural stone. In total there were three different colors incorporated in this paver project. 

First, we removed all of the concrete in the area that was going to be paved.


What Is Hardscaping and Softscaping?


Hardscape and softscape are two distinct forms of landscaping. Both are equally important in terms of property beautification, and finding the right balance between the two is the key to a stunning yard.

Fall Mulching

Mulching in the fall is crucial to plant health. Most of us think Spring when we think of mulching, but mulching in the fall plays an important role as well. Our plants and shrubs have to be able to cope with the harsh cold of winter I need our help in doing so.

Think of mulch as a blanket to plants and shrubs. Mulch creates a barrier between the cold and surface snow. It will keep the temperature much warmer and in the summer it keeps the ground underneath much cooler.