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Spring Clean Up

Spring is almost here, whether it feels like it or not! Plants will soon be starting to bloom, and it would be a good idea to clean up your yard. Some trimming on bushes can happen to shape them to give more curb appeal. You can also clean up your flower beds, removing old debris so that your plants can grow without any struggle. Your yard may have also crept into your flower beds too, so you could clean up around the beds or spade the edges. It’s never too early to make an appointment for us to come by and get you an estimate. Have us do the work and you kick back and relax your outdoor space!

Spring Flowers


Soon smaller plants and flowers will be beginning to emerge from their dormant winter stage, deciduous shrubs will begin to bud and leaf out, and wild flowers are about to peak out and bloom, giving splashes of color. Tulips will be opening up, if they have not already, with bright blooms of reds, purples, and yellows. Some flowers do not bloom until later in the year (which is crucial to a continuously flowering and colorful garden), such as peonies. However, if you cut some of the blooms from a peony bush, you can bring them inside. The warmer temperatures and water in the vase inside will coax the peony flowers to bloom sooner than usual and will give your home décor a splash of color!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming fast, and it’s time to do spring clean up! Any perennials you have can be cut down so the new growth can push through, and you can also cut off any ornamental grasses. Try not to prune any plants or bushes that bloom in the spring, such as lilacs, because you will cut off new growth and they will not bloom. This is the time to cut down spireas, right before the blooms emerge. Also, trees can be trimmed and the suckers at the base of the tree can be cut off at any time of the year, but be aware that the sap is currently flowing in trees, so if you prune them now it will be sticky! Call us today if you’d like us to do the work for you, 630-475-7229!