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Watering Your Lawn


With the weather heating up, grass is going to struggle to stay green.  Make the choice to either commit to watering and keeping it green or letting it go dormant and brown.  If you let your grass go dormant and then decide to water it, you could be harming your lawn.  Breaking dormancy cycles costs the grass a lot of food and energy reserves, and makes it more susceptible to disease.  If you commit to watering and keeping up with it, you can let your lawn go into a mild drought.  If you walk on your lawn and you can see the footprints left behind, that is a sign of mild drought. This is beneficial to the grass because it stimulates root growth.

Trimming Spring Growth

Now that spring flowers have stopped blooming and the new growth has come out, it’s time to trim back the shrubs. This is mostly for aesthetics, but it also helps the plant to rejuvenate and grow stronger. Tree trimming is also okay to do now, but oak trees should not be pruned between April and October.  This is when the beetle that carries the oak wilt disease is active; pruning oaks exposes them to the beetles and leaves them vulnerable to infection.

This is also a good time to dead head perennials and flowering plants.  Dead heading is taking off the dried, old flower stems. Some perennials will rebloom if you do this right after they are done flowering. Otherwise it makes your perennials look more attractive to take the dead growth off.


Crab Grass and Other Lawn Invaders

Some weeds thrive in the hot months of summer when our lawns are at their weakest.  Most desirable turfs use seeds that do well in the cooler months of the spring and fall, and when there is excessive heat in the summer, they go dormant and turn brown.  This is when heat loving weeds strike.