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Our designers and estimators have been noticing that birches and maple trees have been affected by leaf chlorosis. Chlorosis is a yellowing of the leaves with dark green veins.  This is caused by nutrient deficiency in the soil or a high alkalinity or Ph level. It could also be due to damage or compacted roots or poor drainage. If left untreated, the tree will be unhealthy, it’s growth will be stunted, and it could die.  If the cause is a root issue, core aerification, tiling, or mulching could be possible solutions. If the problem is the soil, there are trunk applications that could last for several years, but they do take a few weeks to see results. There are also soil treatments that could be done, but a soil test should be taken first.


Seeding in Fall

With September just a week away, fall weather is fast approaching. Beginning of fall is the best time to seed, aerate and slit seed, or sod.  Seeding and covering it with a straw blanket is best for new construction, or sod if you want more immediate results.  For existing lawns that could use some rejuvenation, you could aerate the yard and slit seed.  Aerating loosens the soil, which will make it easier for the machine to cut into the yard and drop seeds in.  This will help the yard become more full and lush in the spring. This is also the time to fertilize using a fall fertilizer mix.



Rust Fungus

Grass Rust fungus is a common problem in the fall.  This occurs most often when there are dry periods of weather or the grass is low on nitrogen.  The spores of the Rust fungus are formed when the grass is not allowed to dry properly. This is caused by dew not drying on humid days.  It can also form when the thatch is too thick in the yard. Rust fungus makes grass more susceptible to pests and other diseases as it weakens the grass. There are some ways to treat and help prevent Rust fungus. Mow frequently at a medium height, and when mowing make sure you rinse off your lawn equipment to help prevent the fungus from spreading.  Make sure you remove any excess dead grass, or make an appointment to have your yard de-thatched.  Make sure you water early in the day so that your lawn can dry out before the strong heat at mid-day.  Finally, September is the best time to fertilize your lawn, check your lawn and see if you need to add nitrogen to the fertilizer.  Rust fungus is not harmful to humans and pets, but can be easily spread by them.