Winter Plantings

How do you add texture, color, and beauty to your yard during the winter? With careful planning during spring, summer, and fall and adding a few easy accents during winter, can lead to a beautiful landscape during the winter season.

1. Be sure to plant some dogwoods and birch trees which are both great for texture and color. When you think about trees and color, you probably think about their leaves. For winter you should think about the bark and which  trees would offer pretty bark through the winter season.

2. Evergreens are also great for winter landscaping. These trees are a good focal point all year long. They come in many colors like yellow, gold, blue, and many more, not just green!

3. Include trees and shrubs with berries that hold on during fall and winter, such as hollies. One of our favorites is the winterberry, they look absolutely beautiful when it snows! These berries also attract birds, and feeds them too.

4. Put effort into your hardscape. Winter is the best time to consider hardscape into your landscape. Maybe add a sculpture or a bench, that would really add to your winter landscape.