What is Organic Soil?

Organic soil has been naturally amended by the decomposition of plants and animals. Unfortunately most of the soil nowadays in the world has been depleted and replaced by the damage caused by modern day industrialization.

How effective is organic soil? Organic soil is better able to cultivate plants. It improves soil drainage and makes the soil less likely to “pack”, so it breaks up easily for planting. Organic amendment to the soil greatly increases soil nutrient content and it becomes much more resistant to pathogenic invasion that can harm plant life. Crops grown in organic soil contain higher levels of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Farming uses 50% less of the total amount of energy to operate than the mechanized, chemically oriented methods of agribusiness. Simply put, organic farming in nutrient rich organic soil is as good for the environment as it is for the consumer.

We should focus our energy on nurturing the soil, which serves as a basis for healthy sustainable growth of food. This in turn nurtures people and leads to healthier lives, as well as a healthier planet.