Straight or Curved Lines in Your Landscaping?


When deciding whether to use curved or straight lines in your landscape design there are several factors to consider. If you use curved lines, they can be more inviting and give you a more free flowing design. Curved garden beds are a little more informal and add interest to garden beds. Curved designs allow people to walk more freely throughout the yard, and this option is good for people who like to wander. When choosing curved lines it is a good idea to use full curves, these curves can be used to draw attention to a beautiful view and help capitalize on the natural scenery of your landscape.

On the other hand, with straight lines it is a more formal design and would have a more formal arrangement of plants. When you use straight lines in your design, it is more direct and shows people where to walk with clear pathways. This design is usually more suited for people that do not want to spend time meandering down a path. Plantings in these gardens can consist of rows of layered hedges.

Sometimes we are stuck with limited options for various reasons and that is what we have to work with. Is one better than the other? It really comes down to personal choice and a lot of your personality will come out with your design. The end result can be amazing either way with a good design.