Show Off Your Winter Landscaping

Have Hardscape Elements

In the winter you need to rely on your hardscape, so anything non-living, such as patios, brick work, walls, fountains, arches, etc. Wooden archways especially can be used for vines in the summer and still make your landscaping stand out in winter.

Use Year Round Perennials

Even though most plants do not have flowers in the winter, you can still use plants that keep some foliage on them so they give your landscaping some color. Plants like hellebores and dianthus, and some ornamental grasses will give you this effect.

Decorate Containers

The containers and pots you have around your house can be spruced up for winter! You can add some pine branches or small fake evergreens to make them look nice, or use some colorful ribbon to give them a pop of color. Same with the wooden vine arches mentioned previously and even fountains, you can adorn them with winter decorations such as ribbon, or for fountains that do not run in the winter you could add some large decorative ornaments in the bowls of the fountain.