Plants and Herbs That Are Mosquito Repellants

​1. Citronella Geranium

Not all citronell geraniums will repel mosquitos, but this particular kind (formally known as Pelargonium Citrosum) will produce an aroma that smells like citronella oil and ward off bugs.

2. Floss Flower

These are not the most powerful repellant, but they do produce an aroma that mosquitos are not fond of.

3. Citronella

This was originally used as a perfume. Essential oils and extracts from this plant are very effective at keeping mosquitos away. These plants are now a go-to ingredient for many commercial repellants.

4. Peppermint

This plant is used in some foods and does have health benefits. It also has a lovely smell, and its oils can eliminate any pests lurking around.

5. Lavender

Mosquitos cannot stand the smell of this herb. Keep bugs at bay by planting the lavandin variety which has a high concentration of camphor.

6. Basil

Putting a bowl of basil on you picnic table is helpful for giving your food a flavorful update, and it will also keep the bugs away, since basil is one of the few plants that offer a strong bug-repelling scent without having to crush the leaves.

7. Mint

Mint leaves can aid in keeping mosquitos away, and mint essential oils can also help soothe bug bites.

8. Sage

Gathering for a bonfire? You might want to toss some sage into the fire, the scented smoke will keep those pesky critters away.

9. Marigolds

Not only do they look pretty, but these flowers can also help repel insects. They contain pyrethrum, which is an ingredient commonly found in insect repellants.