Organimix Compost

Organimix brand compost can be used as a soil amendment, lawn dressing, potting soil component or mulching. Organimix is made from organic materials including leaves, grass, woodchips and cow manure.

Organimix is odor-free and stores well. Organimix has been screened to a fine texture making application easy. We recommend applying a two inch layer of Organimix to the top of the soil and to mix the product into the soil thoroughly. The primary benefits of using Organimix are:

Progressively healthier soil
Increased water retention
Less reliance on pesticides
Reduced fertilizer demand
Increased microbial population
Organimix is a natural, organic substitute


How Much Organimix Do I Need?

Below is a listing of the recommended cubic yards of Organimix brand compost to cover 1,000 square feet:
3” deep layer: 9 cubic yards
2” deep layer: 6 cubic yards
1/2” deep layer: 1.5 cubic yards

Organimix as mulch for weed suppression – use at a 2” to 3” deep rate.
Organimix as an amendment for establishment of planting beds – use at a 2” to 3” rate in your beds and spade in deeply (6” deep or more).
Organimix as a lawn dressing – use in your spreader and spread at a rate of 1/4” deep up to 1 time per month.

When planting trees, bushes, or flowers, use Organimix to combination with your native soil. Mix at a rate of 25% to 50% Organimix to your soil. Mix until uniform, and then backfill your plants.