New Grass


Are you looking for a new lawn for the new year? Whether you decide on seed or sod, there are a few things to consider when choosing which type of grass. You should consider the part of the country that you live in. The climate and amount of rainfall you receive in your area will affect what type of grass would be ideal for your lawn. Some grass types require high amounts of rainfall, while others can handle drier climates. Some grass also requires a lot of maintenance, while some are lower maintenance. Also, do not forget about sunlight, some grasses need full exposure to sunlight, while others can thrive in the shade.

Grass can be classified under three categories, warm weather, cool weather, and transition zone grasses. Most warm weather grasses turn brown during the cooler seasons. They are native to tropical regions and flourish even during months of scorching heat. Draught tolerance is seen in some grasses of this type. Cool weather grasses thrive in areas with cold winters and hot summers. Transition zone grasses is an area where some warm season grasses do well due to hot, dry summers and some cool weather grasses do well because of cold winters.