Four Steps for Designing a Great Patio

Consider your patios purpose.
How you plan to use your patio will affect every design decision you make along the way. Is your patio going to be used as a stress relieving escape? Or will it be an entertaining space? Will your patio be a space for quality family time, where you may want to make sure it is safe for children? Different feature elements are appropriate for different uses.
Location location location!
You will want to consider how close you want your patio to be to the neighbors. If you are friends with your neighbors, then perhaps you want it to spread to the edges of your property so they can walk over for when you are entertaining. Speaking of which, if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining with your patio, it would be best to make sure it is close to the house. This way it will be easier to bring food in and out, or whatever else you may need to go into your house for. However, if you want a quiet retreat, you might want your patio further away from the house, in a more secluded area.
Think logistically with size and shape.
A patio tip for you is to build your patio as wide as your house and as long as your home’s height, if space allows. If you are looking for a smaller space, then you should stage your patio. Set up your furniture and equipment in the area you have selected. Walk around the space and consider it logistically. How big of a space do you need to move freely and comfortably?
Don’t forget feature elements!
Patio features help fulfill the purpose of your patio. There are several water features that would help with relaxation, as well as drown out any noise from nearby streets. Fire pits are perfect for family backyard activities, and there are several fire features that would look great in an entertainment space. Whatever your purpose, make sure you select material and a design that is going to match the exterior of your home.