Fall Mulching

Mulching in the fall is crucial to plant health. Most of us think Spring when we think of mulching, but mulching in the fall plays an important role as well. Our plants and shrubs have to be able to cope with the harsh cold of winter I need our help in doing so.

Think of mulch as a blanket to plants and shrubs. Mulch creates a barrier between the cold and surface snow. It will keep the temperature much warmer and in the summer it keeps the ground underneath much cooler.

A good mulch bed should extend out at least 3 feet from a tree trunk in all directions, although extending to the drip line is preferred. The depth should be maintained at 2 to 4 inches. Having a mulched garden will suppress weeds, slow moisture evaporation, and break down into the underlying soil gradually, which will improve the soil’s texture. For a healthy garden in spring, be sure to mulch in the fall as well.