Spraying for Weeds in the Fall

If you want to have a great lawn next year, the time to spray for weeds is the fall. Weeds start to grow in the fall, then go dormant over the winter, and fully emerge the next spring/summer. If you know you have an issue with specific weeds every year, such as dandelions, chickweed, or henbit, you can spray for them when they are growing back with the warm days and cool nights that fall brings. If you have any spots where the weeds grow in clusters, or areas of your yard that are prone to weeds, this is where you should focus your spraying. Make sure you use the proper herbicide, and determine the right time as well, if you are spraying pre-emergence or post-emergence.



Our designers and estimators have been noticing that birches and maple trees have been affected by leaf chlorosis. Chlorosis is a yellowing of the leaves with dark green veins.  This is caused by nutrient deficiency in the soil or a high alkalinity or Ph level. It could also be due to damage or compacted roots or poor drainage. If left untreated, the tree will be unhealthy, it’s growth will be stunted, and it could die.  If the cause is a root issue, core aerification, tiling, or mulching could be possible solutions. If the problem is the soil, there are trunk applications that could last for several years, but they do take a few weeks to see results. There are also soil treatments that could be done, but a soil test should be taken first.


Seeding in Fall

With September just a week away, fall weather is fast approaching. Beginning of fall is the best time to seed, aerate and slit seed, or sod.  Seeding and covering it with a straw blanket is best for new construction, or sod if you want more immediate results.  For existing lawns that could use some rejuvenation, you could aerate the yard and slit seed.  Aerating loosens the soil, which will make it easier for the machine to cut into the yard and drop seeds in.  This will help the yard become more full and lush in the spring. This is also the time to fertilize using a fall fertilizer mix.