Lawn Invaders

As we have discussed in a previous post, fungus can pose a threat to your healthy looking lawn.  Aside from fungus, there are other unwelcome intruders that can bring down your curb appeal and break up an otherwise uniform and lovely lawn. Some of these invaders include dandelions, yellow nutsedge, snails and slugs, and Japanese beetles. For the plant intruders, there are some solutions that could be bought at a local store to kill off dandelions, as well as help beat back the yellow nutsedge. The nutsedge however will be more of a process to remove, since the tubers (or root base) can survive for up to three years.  Nutsedge loves wet soil, so make sure your yard has proper drainage to avoid these from getting a foothold. As for the snails and slugs, one remedy is to put small dishes of beer around your yard, and when they try to drink it, they will drown before they have a chance to cause damage. You could also line your lawn with diatomaceous earth, which is non-harmful to humans and your lawn, but will harm and prevent the snails and slugs from crossing into your yard.  This solution will have to be re-applied after it rains though.  Japanese beetles can be a summer long threat.  The beetle’s grubs burrow in the lawn and cause it to go brown. Then when they are fully grown, they eat roses and a variety of other plants. There are different treatments, such as an organic pesticide, that you could use, but treatments vary, so ask a local garden center employee that is knowledgeable about these pests.