Flowering Spring Trees

Spring in here, and with it so are beautiful plants and a variety of flowering trees! Although the weather has turned cooler again for a short time, these plants will not be deterred.  Be on the lookout for flowering trees, such as white barked birches, crab apples, cherries, and magnolias. These trees have wonderful flowers and leaves that are emerging after the winter months, and as they add color to your yard and neighborhoods, they bring the promise of warm summer nights spent outside with family and friends. Make sure you are pruning off any dead branches so that the tree can fill in those spaces with new growth, and depending on your preference and how old the tree is, you may want to prune some of the lower branches to give them a nice, clean look.


Annabelle Hydrangea

This hydrangea is named for naturally occurring in the wild near Anna Illinois.  The Annabelle has a beautiful white flower that gets as big as 12 inches in diameter.  They are a great addition to clip and add to any flower arrangement!  They bloom from late spring through fall.  They are fast growing and get to 5 feet tall and wide.  Annabelle’s do well in the shade to partial sun.  You can keep the dried out flowers on the stems all winter for a pretty highlight in your winter garden. If you don’t like the heads left on through the winter you can prune them in the fall after they are done blooming.  You can prune them down to the ground since they grow flowers on new wood.  It is not recommended to do this every year because it can start growing weaker stalks.  Compost and mulch your hydrangeas and keep them well watered every week.  They are a wonderful addition to your garden.

Fall Lawn Care

Dethatching should be done once a year.  Thatch is the layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that accumulates between the soil and grass.  Over time this can hinder water and air from getting to the soil.

Aeration pulls little corks of grass and dirt out of your lawn to allow nutrients, oxygen, and water to get to the soil.  It will loosen compacted soil.

Slit seeding will cut ¼ in furrows in the lawn and drop seeds in.  Fall is the best time to seed.  Summer heat is more stressful on lawns than winter dormancy. 

Fertilizing in the fall will strengthen your plants’ and lawns roots, giving them a strong base for next spring.